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There are times when speed is vital. Which is why we exchange four wheels for two wings.

You know only too well how great it is to just sit back and relax while an INTERLINE chauffeur drives you safely to your destination. You feel like you're on cloud nine. Well, flying above cloud nine is better still. We know what we're talking about, seriously.

If you need to be somewhere really urgently but still in accordance with your own unique schedule and needs, we offer an exclusive aircraft charter service. Depending on how far you're flying and how quickly you have to be there, we can provide you with just the right aircraft for the job. Our fleet has everything from propeller or turboprop aircraft to jet airliners. And it needn't necessarily be costly. Because our fleet doesn't stand around idle waiting to be used.

It's a virtual fleet, and INTERLINE acts as a broker, selecting just the right aircraft for the job from a comprehensive and trusted range. In a size and configuration to meet your needs. At the right time and at an airport near you.

It goes without saying that we can also provide trained cabin staff to serve you tasty meals and refreshing beverages during the flight. To ensure that departure and arrival run smoothly and with a minimum of fuss, our limousines and chauffeurs are authorised to access the apron directly, allowing us to drive you straight to the aircraft and collect you at the gangway again as soon as you land. And as you would expect, we handle all the formalities at the General Aviation Terminal at the respective airports.

We call this taking comfort to new heights.

Which advantages offers the Aircraft Charter Service?

  • Independence & flexibility
  • Effectiveness & time savings
  • Privacy & comfort
  • Cost efficiency

Which classes of aircrafts can be booked?

  • Helicopter & Turboprops - ideal for short-haul flights
  • Light Jets & Midsize Jets - ideal for medium-haul flights
  • Heavy Jets & Business jets - ideal for long-haul flights